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Jonathan Little is a world-class poker player, who has won over 4 million dollars playing poker, and has two World Poker Tour titles. Now you can download his free poker practice video online! Today I´m going to review this free video and the Jonathan Little Secrets poker training video series it is part of.

I´m very happy with all the poker training from Jonathan Little I have consumed. I have listened to several of his poker books as audio books, including Positive Poker, a poker book on the mental game of poker he wrote in co-operation with Dr. Patricia Gardner, and Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker volumes 1 and 2. I think Jonathan Little gives clear and easy-to-follow advice on poker, and I can confirm this as a person with ADD and English as a second language still able to follow his audio books while taking a walk.

Because I liked Jonathan Little´s poker books so much, and maybe also because I listened to his books in an audio format, I wanted to try his poker training videos as well.


The Free 41-minute Training Video: Fundamentals

Jonathan Little Secrets is a poker training video series that consists of 9 videos with more than 6 hours of material altogether. You can download the first video, Fundamentals, for free! This video is 41 minutes long and you get to download it on your computer, so you can watch it as many times as you want.

In this video, Jonathan Little plays 4 180-player MTT sit and gos simultaneously, and explains what he is doing and why. I have also played some multi table sit and gos, and I think they are a great way to practice multi table tournament play. Basically, MTT sit and gos are much like MTT tournaments, but in turbo MTT sit and gos you can go trough all the stages of a multi table tournament in a much shorter time. You go through the early stages with a deep stack, the mid-stages and middle stack phase, and the final table and heads up play. That is why Jonathan Little has chosen to play MTT sit and gos in this training video series.

In the free training video, Jonathan Little plays 180-player turbo MTT sit and gos with different buy-ins from $2 to $12, and he also plays a re-buy sit and go. He explains some re-buy tournament strategy as well. Little covers various topics in this free first video. Many of them we have also talked about here on, including bad beat and tilt, pot odds and bankroll management. Bet sizes and 3-bet sizes are also covered.

This is an old video, but it is not outdated. Jonathan Little promotes a loose aggressive play common in today´s games. Only the standard c-bet size has changed from what Little talks about in this video. Little says in his video you rarely want to bet less than half a pot on the flop, but in today´s poker c-betting 1/3 of a pot is a standard. This is good to keep in mind.

All in all, there is a lot of valuable information in this 41 minutes video. I would recommend watching it several times. I find the video easy to follow and pick up tips for your game.

Remember, this video is completely FREE. You only need to fill in your name and e-mail address to be able to download it. Your information will not be given to any third parties. NO credit card information or payment information of any kind is required to get the free video.


What Do You Learn In The Next Videos?

When you have watched the free training video, you might want to purchase the 8 remaining videos in this series. These videos continue from the first video, and you will learn a lot more strategies necessary to beat Texas Hold´Em MTT sit and gos and MTT tournaments.

Video 2: Middle And Late Stages

Running Time: 41 Minutes

In this video you learn to play the middle and late stages of MTT sit and gos. Jonathan Little teaches you how to get the “dead” money.

Video 3: Final Table Strategies

Running Time: 41 Minutes

You learn to play the final table of MTT sit and gos, which will also help you play successfully at the final table of a multi table tournament.

Video 4: Aggression

Running Time: 46 Minutes

Learn to be aggressive all the way from a full table to heads up play.

Video 5: Psychology

Running Time: 51 Minutes

In this video Jonathan Little talks about combining psychology with a right poker strategy. He also talks about bankroll management.

Video 6: Heads-Up Domination

Running Time: 38 Minutes

Heads-up play is the topic of this video. Mastering heads up play is crucial to get the first place in a multi table tournament.

Video 7: Aggression In Heads Up Play

Running Time: 34 Minutes

Jonathan Little goes even deeper into heads up strategy in this video.

Video 8: Changing Gears

Running Time: 44 Minutes

In this video Jonathan Little teaches you to adjust your game according to the table.

Video 9: Playing The Short Stack

Running Time: 41 Minutes

In the final video Jonathan Little talks about playing short-stacked, a very important skill in multi table tournaments.

All the Videos + Bonus Material = $67

As I mentioned, you get the first video completely FREE without any commitments. When you download the free video, you get a one-time offer for all the videos on this series for a discounted price of $67. You also get a bunch of bonus materials.

It is up to you if you want to take an advantage of this offer or not, but after watching your free video, you might be tempted to purchase the other videos as well. I certainly purchased them all.


Who Should Get Jonathan Little Secrets Training Videos?

To make it simple, I will finish this review by summarizing all the essential information below.

Product: Jonathan Little Secrets Training Video Series

Price: The first video is completely FREE! The whole series of training videos + lots of bonus material for a discounted price of $67.

Recommended? Yes.

Where To Purchase: You can get the FREE video (and the other videos if you decide to purchase them) on THIS LINK.

Best For: Multi table tournament and multi table sit and go players, who feel like they need to practice or rehearse the most fundamental skills for winning Texas Hold´Em play.

Pros: Lots of essential tournament poker strategy is taught in a compact and fun way. Instantly downloadable on your computer.

Cons: The videos are quite old, but the strategy taught on them still works for today´s poker tournaments perfectly well (except for the standard c-bet size on the flop, which is 1/3 of the pot now).

I don´t honestly see any reason why not to download your free poker practice video right now, if you are a poker tournament or sit and go player willing to study the game to win more money.

Questions and comments are welcome, as always, and you can leave them on the comment section below.

Good luck at the poker tables, and enjoy your free video!

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  • Thanks for the heads-up on Jonathan Little’s poker practice videos – I didn’t know these were out there and I’m going to download the free one for sure. I love playing poker but I don’t think I’m very good so any practice and tips are great to get – its such a fun and stimulating game and even the best players in the world are still learning. To get the whole video set at such a great price from a pro like Jonathan Little is a great deal – thanks again for posting.

    • Hi Lindsay,

      I agree, poker is fun and challenging, and also kind of an equal game for all players; even the best players in the world need to study the game. If you study poker strategy and work hard, anyone can succeed in poker. So complete beginners and world-class players are all on the same line in that sense. I hope you enjoy the training video and find it helpful! Thank you for leaving a comment.

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